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How did my garden grow?

September 30, 2010

Summer is over.  The tomato vines are withering, my flat boots are out of storage and I’m already dreading the day it’s too cold for Ike to play outside.

So, how did my garden grow?

Besides the onions, all the vegetables are from the garden.


It was a great summer for tomatoes and peppers.  Favorite pepper varieties: Godfather and Sweet Gypsy.  Favorite tomato: Sungold.

I also bought an heirloom tomato (can’t remember the variety).  It was extraordinary, but the first tomato wasn’t ripe until mid-September.  Lesson learned: read labels on tomato plants.

4th of July and Sungold tomatoes

Basil and oregano grew like weeds!  And yes, you can direct sow basil if you wait until late spring.

The strawberry and blueberry bushes thrived.  Hopefully we’ll get more berries next summer when they’re bigger.

Just okay

The zuchinni and squash plants produced well, but I should have planted all squashes and skipped the zuchinnis.

I spent $3 each on two eggplant plants and had just three eggplant fruits to show for it.  They were good, but next year I’ll just buy eggplant at the market.

The cucumbers died mid-summer.  I expected them to; there’s a wilt that’s widespread here in Michigan, but it was still disappointing.

We planted three varieties of peas, but only one seemed to grow.


The radishes never got round. Ditto the scallions.

The spinach didn’t seem to sprout in the first place.

My carrots grew, but it turns out carrots aren’t any better out of the ground than out of a bag.  At least, mine weren’t.

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